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Basic Details

Role of the Institute

The Institute will propagate ELP among current as well as passed out students to make them aware about the availability of ELP. The Institute will use SMSes, e-mailers, Institute prospectus and other mediums to create awareness about ELP. The Institute will allow the students to undergo ELP along with their degree/diploma program. The Institute shall permit SIRD to set up a helpdesk for ELP in the Institute for the benefit of the students and run promotional campaigns.

After registration the online basic details, candidates has to make online payment for our ELP program. Payment will be considered as our course enrollment fees once candidate go under any internship program. If dropping out from any program, paid payment will be non refundable. Please fill the form, if you agree on the above conditions.

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Role of SIRD - IDI

SIRD - IDI will make the ELP content available to students through a website, mobile app, etc, and make provisions to download the app from play store.

SIRD - IDI, in association with its industry partners, shall arrange field/practical work opportunities for Institute students who will complete the theory portion and assessment successfully.

On successful completion of both basic & advanced modules, followed by successful completion of required field/practical work, SIRD - IDI, in association with its industry partners shall arrange OJT opportunities for student.



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